Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"get to see me"

Hey people...Do you still care?
Do you still care about what happens to me?
I know there are a lot of times I've missed.
A lot of times I haven't been there,
But then, now I'm here.

We all have our own world to go through
But this time doesn't feel the same.
I guess I've made the move...
You didn't.
It's not right for me to feel this but I do.

I feel so empty, like nobody cared.
Or at least not from the people I expect it from.
Even if they did, they never get to the bottom,
They only get to the surface,
And not care to at least search me deep within...
To know me inside out.
Nobody will care and nobody will take time.

Haven't I spent some time before to know you?
Don't I deserve the same treatment I gave you
When things are good?
Now that my time has come...
My own special day, I really don't feel that much special.
Just an ordinary day not even meant to be remembered.
And no one else cared.
No one even dared to bother,
No one even dared to see...

Coz' the least of things you'll get to realize is that...
You'll get to see me.

just one of the days i thought that no one even cared...but i was mistaken...
some people cared...they did...and i'm so thankful. =) all smiles...

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